Extempore Compition

Extempore is a stage performance which is carried out without preparation of any kind this term is mostly used while referring to speech and poetry discussions.


Respond: - Extempore Competition was held at the School dated on 24th March 2015 for the students of Class 1st and 2nd.

Extempore speaking is about good communication skills, clarity of thoughts and ability to express one’s own view point. With an intention to make students confident so that they fearlessly express their views on every topic they come across competitions like these are conducted at school as a platform to the students at school level to their hear out.

All the participants were given the topics in advance. They were asked to present their views in the time solt. All topics were very interesting and very much related to the class room materials. Some of them are:-

1.    Black Board

2.    Chairs

3.    Pencil

4.    Eraser

5.    Notebook

6.    Table

The participants were delivering their speeches with great confidence. The judges found it difficult to select the best three out of them. Ther were judged on the criteria of speech, fluency, content. The students showed great enthusiasm and confidence in their respective performance.


CLASS – 2nd:-

1.      Shivansh Sharma     -           1st

2.     Astha Garg                    -           1st

3.     Jatin                               -           2nd

4.  Anany                                  -           3rd

Class – 1st:-

1.    Nirdesh & Parth Juneja      -           1st

2.    Atharv & Ditika                 -           2nd

3.    Suveam                             -           3rd